Visitors to Canada

Welcome to Canada

Canada has a great healthcare system, but if you’re not a resident unfortunately you won’t be covered—and medical costs can be expensive and a financial hardship could be the consequences for the sponsor(s) or insured(s)

Visitor to Canada Insurance, you can enjoy your stay without worrying about the cost of a visit to the clinic or hospital. In fact, the Canadian government recommends all visitors buy health coverage before exploring Canada!

Who needs this Insurance?

  • Visitors to Canada
  • New Immigrants waiting for provincial health coverage
  • Canadians Citizen or Residents returning to Canada after living abroad for a long period of time

What exactly is travel insurance? What does it cover and how does it work?

Emergency Medical Available in $10,000 increments to a maximum of **$300,000

If you go to a clinic or hospital in Canada, you want to be covered for the cost of prescriptions, doctor visits, medical services, ambulance rides and more. Just call us and we’ll coordinate with medical staff to get you the best treatment possible.

Pre-existing Condition Coverage

If you already have a medical condition, you can still get coverage. For example, you may have diabetes or be on medication for your blood pressure. ETC, some conditions apply.

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