International Students

Why buy International Students to Canada travel insurance?

While studying in Canada, government health care plans might not be available to you. We know that health care costs can be expensive if you’re not covered under a Canadian government health insurance plan. Travel insurance product designed for Students helps you stay protected during a medical emergency. Be sure to carry travel insurance to safeguard your finances and enjoy a worry-free trip.


  • Are registered full-time in a Canadian school, college, university or accredited educational institution
  • Are temporary residents of Canada without any government health care coverage
  • Have completed their studies and remain in Canada up to a year to work in the field of their studies
  • Would like coverage under their policy for their spouse and dependents living with them


  • Affordable all-in-one hospital, medical and extended health care solution
  • Choose from two options for flexible, convenient coverage
  • Additional optional coverages including Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Trip Interruption, Flight Accident, and Baggage
  • Costs incurred outside of Canada are covered provided the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada.
  • Trips to the United States are limited to 30 days per period of coverage. Some conditions apply by companies or

Travel worldwide Travel worldwide is valid as long as majority of time is spent in country of study. No coverage provided while in

Home country

  • Pre-existing conditions Covered if stable in the 90 days prior to the effective date


  • Medical treatment or medical condition originating in your home country
  • Long term care or ongoing care
  • Refer to policy wording for complete list of all exclusions


  • Full refund if prior to the effective date/if student visa is denied/if entry into country is denied/if non arrival

to country of study

  • Partial refunds are also available – consult the policy wording for full details

Claims procedure Consult the claim guideline in your policy wording

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¿Estás estudiando en Canada?

Antes de probar el poutine con tus nuevos amigos o enfrentarte con valor al clima canadiense, asegúrate de contratar el Seguro de viaje como Estudiante. El Gobierno canadiense le recomienda a todos los estudiantes internacionales que estudian en Canadá contratar un seguro médico.

Los tratamientos médicos y dentales son costosos en Canadá y a menudo los estudiantes internacionales no pueden obtener un plan de salud provincial. Esto significa que será tu responsabilidad pagar cualquier emergencia médica que tengas mientras te encuentras aquí.

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